1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Read about the iPhone Boot Camp's iPhone Boot Camp's iPhone Mansion in San Francisco during the WWWDC in arstechnica:http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/05/get-your-pre-wwdc-dev-juices-flowing-at-the-iphone-mansion.ars

Note our main site is: http://www.iphonebootcampnyc.com/

This is an open event and anyone can RSVP here : http://www.meetup.com/The-San-Francisco-iPhone-Developers-Boot-Camp/calendar/10695459/
Admission is on a first come first serve basis and there is no charge to attend. Bar by donation.

Discussion Leaders:
Eddie Marks and James Anthony, Inedible software, co-founders
Their company Inedible Software as produced some of the most popular apps in the app store, including Air Guitar including Shotgun Free, Shotgun Pro, and POW. Shotgun Free was the #2 free app for over two weeks and remained on the Top 100 free list for over 4 months, obtaining some 3.6 million downloads to date. They have also create a number of apps on contract, most notably an app to promote the Magnolia Pictures's movie Mutant Chronicles, starring Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki and John Malcovich.

Meetup Abstract:
In-app purchases will allow developers to offer subscription content and provide the ability to sell new content and features in a simple and secure process from directly within their apps. Meanwhile, game developers can leverage the new peer-to-peer connections support to more easily create peer-to-peer network games for iPhone and iPod touch by using Bluetooth.

The updated iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) has over 1,000 new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which will facilitate new capabilities such as in-app content purchases; peer-to-peer connections over Bonjour; an app interface for hardware accessories; access to the iPod music library; a new Maps API and the long-awaited push notification support.

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