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San Francisco, California

Are you an iPhone App developer? Have you decided on a monetization strategy? Have you decided on an ad network? Is there an event where you can learn from developers, an ad mediation company, and ad network company? There is now!

With hosts Eddie Marks and James Anthony of Inedible Software, and presentations from Jaadu VNC, MobClix,Flurry, and TapJoy, this is the event to learn about iPhone App Monetization strategy.

We will have short presentations/demos from the invited guests, and then James and Eddie will guide a Q&A session with members of the audience welcome to join in.

The event is free thanks to two gracious sponsors, faberNovel and Flurry, which will also raffle off two FULL scholarships to the iPhone Bootcamp. We suggest a donation for PariSoMa at the door.

Here is a little more information about our hosts and guests:

Eddie Marks and James Anthony, co-founders of Inedible Software - Inedible Software has produced some of the most popular apps in the app store, including Air Guitar including Shotgun Free, Shotgun Pro, and POW. Shotgun Free was the #2 free app for over two weeks and remained on the Top 100 free list for over 4 months, obtaining some 3.6 million downloads to date. They have also create a number of apps on contract, most notably an app to promote the Magnolia Pictures’s movie Mutant Chronicles, starring Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki and John Malcovich.

Jahanzeb Sherwani creator of Jaadu VNC - Jaadu VNC is an award-winning remote desktop application for the iPhone by iTeleport LLC, and has been on the top 200 grossing iPhone apps list on the App Store. Using Jaadu VNC, you can control your computer from anywhere -- whether it's a few feet away during a PowerPoint presentation, or if you want to access your desktop from halfway across the world! With its patent-pending interface, Jaadu VNC gives you full control of your computer's mouse and keyboard, as well as a rich view of your computer screen, all on your iPhone. Your computer, in your pocket -- anywhere, anytime!

Mobclix - Mobclix is the industry's largest mobile ad exchange network via its sophisticated open marketplace platform and comprehensive account management solution for iPhone application developers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies. The Mobclix ad exchange provides complete transparency and visibility for developers to maximize revenues and advertisers to increase performance.

TapJoy - TapJoy founders Lee Linden and Ben Lewis will be with us to discuss their monetization platform for iPhone developers that aggregates ad networks. TapJoy allows you to use 10+ ad networks, sell virtual goods, get new installs, and monitor your revenues. For developers, TapJoy offers the luxuries of a mobile ad optimizer, plug and play services, new revenue streams, and great user incentives.

Flurry - Flurry provides cutting-edge analytics, discovery and monetization solutions for mobile applications.  Apps with Flurry Analytics, a free solution, can be found on two thirds of all iPhone and Android handsets.  AppCircle, a solution to iPhone app discovery, leverages the reach of Flurry Analytics to drive new user acquisition and increase revenue for application developers.  Flurry is venture-backed and based in San Francisco. Sean Galligan, Vice President of Business Development for Flurry, will be here to present.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=194312888224

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