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How to code an iphone app even if you have no Objective-C / iOS experience

"Learn to develop an iPhone app in 6 hours"

Who should attend?
Anyone who has never developed an iPhone app before but who wants to learn. This will be a step by step beginners course for people who are just starting off on developer, and who are passionate and want to learn about iOS development.

* Product Managers
* Designers
* Developers
* Software Architects
* Technical Executives
* Startup Founders

Registration: http://iossdkintrojul2011.eventbrite.com/

iOS Introduction Part I

* Xcode 4.0
* Xcode, Interface Builder & Simulator
* Icon and Launch Image Requirements
* .PLIST & Orientation Requirements
* Xcode Templates for iPhone & iPad
* MVC model & Frameworks
* Objective-C & Debugging

iOS Introduction Part II

* Header & Implementation Files
* Variable Instances, Properties, Methods
* IBOutlets & IBActions
* Adding & Importing Framework
* Memory Management
* Label (UILabel), Button (UIButton), Image (UIImage), View (UIView)
* Simple & Complex Animation
* Audio & Vibration
* Lab session

Beginner Developers:

* Have never coded in Objective-C
* Have never developed an iOS app
* Have never published an iOS app in the App Store

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