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Ever had an invention idea? Great, I can show you how to evaluate its potential, protect it, develop it and negotiate a lucrative licensing contract.

Never had an invention idea? No problem, I will show you how to generate more and better invention ideas that you will know what to do with.

Hi, my name is Michael Croix, inventor and author of Inventing on a Budget and Cashing in on the American Dream. One of my guiding business principles is to create win-win situations, so here is my business proposition for you:

Along with a 2-hour workshop on my exclusive approach to invention development and licensing, you will also receive my audio program, ebook and legal appendix (a $50 value), AND free consulting to help bring your product to market.

Why would I offer my invention program at a discount along with a 2-hour workshop and free consulting?


I need testimonials and success stories to help sell my book!

Therefore, I have a vested interest in seeing you successfully develop and license your invention. Talk about a win-win situation!

Hope to see you at the workshop. Visit https://biznik.com/events/2007/12/8/learn-how-to-develop-protect-and-license-inventions to sign up (becoming a Biznik member is free).

Michael Croix
[email protected]

P.S. Attendance is limited due to the free consulting offer so sign up early.

Official Website: https://biznik.com/events/2007/12/8/learn-how-to-develop-protect-and-license-inventions

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