1524 Brandywine St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130

Introduction to NES Audio is just that: an introduction to understanding the sounds and music of the Nintendo Entertainment System. This class requires little or no understanding of programming or soldering - but by the time its over you'll have the knowledge and tools you need to get your music running on real NES hardware.
The class will teach anyone the basic programming needed to get a NES playing tunes you write and design. Detailed instruction on APU (Audio Processing Unit) of the NES by No Carrier, one of the few chiptunes experts in the USA. It also includes discussion of classic NES music, from simple early tunes to the expanded sounds of later Famicom games.
Included in the cost of this class are brand new, high quality NES circuit board, and a badass transparent case. Use of an EPROM programmer is available to burn your music on a chip at this class, future Make:Philly meetings, or Open Hack events at The Hacktory.

date: 06/14/2008 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
price: $100.00
Location: The Hacktory Central (1524 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia )

Sign up at http://thehacktory.org/classes/introduction-to-nes-audio-understanding-creating-and-enjoying-chiptune-music-with-your-ninte

Official Website: http://thehacktory.org/classes/introduction-to-nes-audio-understanding-creating-and-enjoying-chiptune-music-with-your-ninte

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