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An Introduction to Wicca
Presented by Tina Beachy

Wicca is a modern recreation of the pre Christian folk religions. Wiccans celebrate the Earth and the cyclical passage of Her seasons. We honor the Goddesses and Gods that share their magic and power.

Come join me and learn about Wicca. Let me answer your questions, quell your fears, and introduce you to a wonderful way of life. At the end of this course you will know the basics of the Craft, including knowing how to create sacred space by casting your own circle and invite Deity to join you.

This is an eight week course, and will meet on alternate Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9PM. The first class is offered at a discount so that you may attend and decide if the rest of the course is for you. You are under no obligation to attend the rest of the course. For those who wish to complete the course, please see below for full pricing.

Listed below are the dates and subjects covered in the course.

July 22 - Intro… Who I am . Who we are and who we are not.
Aug 5 - The Sabbats and Esbats…Wiccan Holy Days
Aug 19 - Tools of the Craft & Grounding and Cleansing Techniques
Sept 2 - The Elements / The Quarters
Sept 16 - Creating Sacred Space
Sept 30 - Meeting The Goddess
Oct 14 - Meeting the God
Oct 29 - This is the Circle ~~ The cycle ends as it begins.

Register to attend at: Moonfyre Metaphysical
401 East Campbell Ave
Campbell CA 95008

Please attend the first session at a discounted fee of $25
After that we ask that you commit to the entire series
Each class after will be $35 All paid in advance is $220.

Tina Beachy has been an initiated priestess since 1992. She has been active creating and presenting public rituals & training throughout.

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