1515 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201

Second of two workshops, April 24 & May 1. With Kent Lewis, President Anvil Media Inc.,

With the evolution of technology, consumers are better informed and more empowered than ever before. Today's marketers must evolve their strategies to address increasing skepticism. E-Marketing strategies offer an ideal solution for the complexities of today's world: timely, efficient, affordable and highly measurable communications. This workshop outlines the tools and techniques being used today to harness the vast marketing potential of the Internet. Topics include search engine marketing, reputation management, email marketing, social media optimization and online advertising and public relations. Take away useable strategies and tips to integrate online and conventional marketing, measure its success and ultimately convert visitors into customers and evangelists. Anyone who needs to deliver results with their Web site will benefit from this workshop.

What you will cover:

Managing your brand reputation online
Optimizing your Web site for search engines
Developing an email marketing strategy
Extending your media budget via pay-per-click advertising
Leveraging existing public relations efforts to generate awareness
Monitoring and engaging with constituents via social media/Web 2.0

Official Website: http://www.pdc.pdx.edu/mmedia/

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