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Agile methods are a group of techniques which make it easier to deliver IT and web-based projects in environments of uncertainty and constant change. A crucial part of the Agile approach is to “Start from where you are”. This one day course won’t advocate the complete overthrow of any project management approach. Rather, through some teaching and a lot of hands-on case studies and activities, it seeks to add Agile techniques to the project manager’s existing repertoire. We give a brief outline of the Agile Project Management approach and how it differs from other more conventional approaches. We explain why an Agile approach is a good fit for many new media and software development projects.

How can you persuade your senior management, your customers and your team that Agile can help deliver projects more effectively? How can you still get some of the benefits of Agile approaches even if those you work for and those you work with still insist on more conventional approaches to project management? We
discuss strategies for introducing effective Agile methods into real-world workplaces.

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Official Website: http://www.ntileeds.co.uk/course/introduction-to-agile-methods

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