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Ableton Live is a unique and versatile software platform for producing, mixing and performing music of all styles. Geared towards musicians, producers, laptop artists and DJs alike, this intensive interactive workshop is designed to familiarize users with the layout, vocabulary and basic principles of the program, with the goal of applying these skills in a wide variety of contexts and musical genres.

Course Outline
Audio Clips

basic warping and live looping for musicians and DJs

Building a live set

assigning MIDI and key automation and jamming live with clips
tracks and scenes

Recording and editing your performance
Overview of Ableton Live's included Instruments and Effects

Drum Racks
slicing files to MIDI
programming beats

Navigating and using the browser

transport controls
master settings
preferences and defaults

Participants will take from this session a foundational understanding of Ableton Live and the ability to use it for live performance, digital DJing, studio production, sound design and more.

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