We perceive and interact with our world through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. As more of us are increasingly "connected" through cell phones and the Web, the evolution of location based services (LBS) stands to dramatically enhance our lives. Come and discover the incredible capabilities and services that are already available to us as well as the cutting edge technologies around the corner. A distinguished panel of experts spanning the ecosystem of LBS will share and discuss the opportunities and challenges that await, including mobile search and social networking. The event features Loopt, Nokia, Sprint/Nextel, Socialight, Voyager Capital and Rutberg & Co.

Sam Altman, CEO, Loopt

Rajeev Chand, Director of Research, Rutberg & Co

Russ McGuire, Director of Corporate Strategy, Sprint Nextel
Michael Sharon, Co-founder, Socialight
Jodi Sherman Jahic, Principal, Voyager Capital
Rick Witham, Business Development Manager, Nokia


Official Website: http://www.vlab.org

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