Warwick Road
London, England SW5 9TA

Internet World is the UK’s leading business
internet event where the latest trends,
developments and practical applications
relating to managing, marketing, populating
and measuring an internet presence are
demonstrated and interpreted. With 8,580
visitors, over 200 exhibitors and a pedigree
stretching back fourteen years it is the leading
event of its kind in Europe. In simple terms, in
the world of internet business – “If it is going
to happen, it is going to happen here".

Official Website: http://www.internetworld.co.uk

Added by Markram on November 8, 2006



There's a Chinwag open meet up for anyone who fancies coming along after day 2 (Wednesday) at the Prince of Wales Pub, 14 Lillie Road. Just a few drinks and a chance to meet people and relax with folks after our 1pm session PPC Earthquake at the conference. All welcome.

More details here


Anyone know of other networking events?


This event blew chunks. Chunks of meat, with marketing vultures circling overhead. It was even combined with a Direct Marketing tradeshow.

I left and went to see 'The Lives of Others' at the Curzon Soho, which was great.