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Just about every journalist, pundit, analyst, and observer is either trying to figure out what Google is up to, or is claiming that they've figured it out. This month, we'll take a go at it ourselves.

With a market capitalization in the order of US$100 Billion, Google execs can't jaywalk without attracting national press. The company is active in so many areas that it's an open question as to whether they really know what they're doing, although it should come as no surprise to hear them claim that they have a master plan that they simply aren't feeling comfortable in sharing with the public just yet.

So let's put our heads together, gather up all the facts and rumors, from search, click fraud, wireless networks, Web based office suites, to data centers and buying up dark fiber, and see if we can figure out what their game is. Let's be coldly analytical and wildly speculative and have some fun trying to figure out the Internet's hottest company.

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