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Internet Marketing 101 - Crash Course on Marketing Your Business
At LocalBizNetwork we teach all this new media advertising in the common man's language in 2 hours.
Learn how to setup your website for your business
What is CPC? What is SEO?
What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
What are Landing pages? What are Link Exchanges?
What is Social Media marketing?
What is Twitter? Why is everybody talking about it?
Linked-In and Facebook - am I forced to use this media?
Do my servers affect my website search results?
What are blogs? How should I write them?
Does all this Internet Advertising really work?

Our instructors are excellent at explaining internet concepts for the non-computer savvy small business owner. The Oct 5th class will be taught by the President of LocalBizNetwork, Ms. Indu Jayakumar. She is a dynamic speaker and she is well known in the Bay Area. She explains Internet Marketing to the layman with simple everyday analogies. She worked as a software programmer for 20 years before becoming the President of LocalBizNetwork in 1999. She has successfully grown this organization that specifically caters to the small business owners globally.


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