1401 N Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, California 94043

Mon-Wed, Nov 10-12; Mon 1pm-6pm, Tue 8:30am-6pm, Wed 8:30am-3pm

The heart of the workshop is a practical idealism in working towards the shared vision of a decentralized, user-oriented identity layer for the Internet. If you are inspired to make this happen - this is the place to be.

We invite engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs building social apps, product managers, lawyers, sociologists, researchers, to join us at this working meeting for a range of groups focused on the technical, social and legal issues arising with the emergence identity, relationship and social layer of the web.

This is an amazing participatory event that covers all topics related to user-centric identity.

This indcludes OpenID, oAuth, information cards, ID-WSF, WS*, SAML, Open Social, relying party code, developer frameworks, open standards, data sharing in short all the pieces of the emerging "identity meta-system".

Anyone who wants to lead a discussion, present or ask questions can put an item on agenda when we make it Tuesday morning.

USER-CENTRIC IDENTITY - How can people manage their own identity across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with? You can read more about what the conference is about and see a list of participating technical efforts the IIW wiki. http://iiw.idcommons.net/Iiw2008b

As a community we have been exploring these kinds of questions:
* How are social networking sites and social media tools applying user-centric identity?
* What are the open standards to make it work? (identity and semantic)
* What are technical implementations of those standards?
* How do different standards and technical implementations interoperate?
* What are the new social norms and legal constructs needed to make it work?
* What tools are needed to make it usably secure for end-users?
* What are the businesses cases / models that drive all this?

Official Website: http://www.windley.com/events/iiw2008b/announcement

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