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The International Students Food and Culture Festival will be held over the weekend of May 6-8, 2005 at the Kennedy Center, located at 34 w 134th street in New York City. This unique event is designed to bring together for a weekend of harmony and communion, students from a host of countries and cultures who are presently studying in the United States. Festivalgoers will be able not only to sample fine cuisines and beverages prepared by international students, but also to help themselves to a wide variety of activities that the festival?s organizers have purposely overloaded, in the hope that no one will go away unsated, and that many of the young attendees will strongly bond, for the duration of the event and perhaps beyond.

The theme of the Food and Culture Festival is ?Many Nations, One Community.? Festival organizers anticipate that hundreds of international students from all over the globe will excitedly seize this opportunity to become part of a truly global experience, one that will allow them to share their international cuisines and cultural heritages with colleagues from all around the world. The organizers have sought to embody in this new undertaking both their intense admiration for those who are steadfastly studying in the halls of so many colleges and universities all across over the United States, and their ardent desire to help others join them there.

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