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Lisp has been supporting the world's most complex applications since it was created, 50 years ago. Where will Lisp go in the next 50 years? What's unique about it? How can we join together to make it more widely used? How can we strengthen the Lisp open-source community?

Come meet the top Lisp experts and practitioners in the world. Learn how to get the most out of Lisp. Find about about the latest developments from research and industry. The conference is a rare opportunity for face-to-face interaction, sharing knowledge and ideas with the experts of the worldwide Lisp community. Students are especially welcome. Everyone will have a great time!

Keynote Speakers:

David Moon: Genuine, full-power, hygienic macro system for a language with syntax

Gerald Jay Sussman, MIT (USA): Evolvability and Robust Design

Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University (USA): The Moby Scheme Compiler for Smartphones, or, Is That a Parenthesis in Your Pocket?

Olin Shivers, Northeastern University (USA): The Anatomy of a Loop: A Story of Scope and Control


* Seven tutorials, fifteen technical papers, and seven demonstrations
* Lightning talks: you can give your own (first come, first served)
* An all-star panel session on the Future of Lisp
* The Great Macro Debate
* Birds-0f-A-Feather session, and other informal discussions
* Banquet at the Hyatt-Regency, with special entertainment

Official Website: http://www.international-lisp-conference.org/2009/

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