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The JV University's 12 week "International JV Facilitator Certification Program" is unlike ANYTHING else you've ever seen!

During this 12 week course, you'll learn...

* How to organize and manage all different types of joint ventures -- both online and offline.
* How to organize and manage list building joint ventures, traffic generation joint ventures, product creation joint ventures, product launch joint ventures.
* How to think strategically like a deal maker
* How to find the win-win-win proposition that brings business owners together
* How to spot deals that are just waiting to be born
* and much more!

Not only will you be able to use all that you learn to organize joint ventures for your own clients, but you'll also be able to use your new JV Facilitator (what we call our Brokers) Genius to organize and facilitate Joint Ventures for OUR clients too!

AND -- you'll get paid handsomely for your efforts!

That's right! When you work for our clients, you'll get a percentage of the revenues from EVERY joint venture you organize!

That means that you can build a business of your own -- one that pays you HANDSOMELY -- without ever having to worry about where your clients will come from!

You don't need a list.
You don't need a website.
You don't need a product of your own.
You don't even need to have any special knowledge or credentials.

We'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to be successful at brokering joint ventures, and then we'll even bring the clients to YOU!

This Program includes more than $16,000+ (RETAIL price) in training from 4 of the top producing joint venture brokers around. Never again will you have access to all 4 of these experts in a live setting, all at one time, at this SUPER low introductory tuition!

Get all the details right now at:


But HURRY! Classes start on Wednesday, February 24th and you don't want to miss a single thing!

(NOTE: Although the JV Broker Training Course goes for 12 consecutive weeks, you'll also have access to's Bachelor's Program for an entire YEAR! That means you'll also learn everything you need to know about building businesses strategically, about marketing businesses, products & services, and about using relationships to grow businesses. And, you'll have support every single step of the way!)

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