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Will the hot dog eating champion Kobayashi be toppled this year? It's going to be an intense year at the finalists table. And there will be live coverage on ESPN I hear. I'm hoping for some extreme close up, slow motion chewing shots.

This is from the official site:

Kobayashi has won the Fourth of July contest for six straight years and the Coveted Nathan’s Famous Mustard Yellow International Belt, the World Cup of competitive eating, has been held by Japanese competitors for nearly a decade. American eating fans feel the belt should return to American soil and are looking to eaters like San Jose’s Chestnut and Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti to win the belt back for the United States.

Official Website: http://www.nathansfamous.com/nathans/contest/

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Is it really that early in the AM? Can I do that and make New Pornographers show?


I think the event actually starts at 12:40pm, but there are thousands of people so you might want to get there a little early.



Blast! Can't do both. I'll root for Kobayashi in spirit...


you CAN do both. Last year I went to the contest and then saw belle & sebastian.

it's possible. :)


There should be an Upcoming RSVP status that says "I'm averting my eyes."


I can't not not watch this, so with a little determination, I'm going to both. Thanks for the info, yall!