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Varese, Lombardy

Enterprise 2.0 has been widely recognized as a radical shift in the way organizations work. A mean for improving performance, reducing costs, moving towards an informal way of learning, supporting innovation and building engagement and motivation.

Università dell’Insubria and invite the european management to a vibrant, inclusive, engaging international event on Enterprise 2.0 to reflect and learn about the latest and more revolutionary web trends. A completely FREE event to meet the thought-leaders on organizative innovation, discover case studies in Italy and abroud, create a network with colleagues and like minded people.

The Forum is characterized by:

- A 360° overview on Enterprise 2.0 business and organizative impact
- A comprehensive exploration of Enterprise 2.0 tools and techniques: tagging, blogging, wiki, feed rss, open innovation, widgets
- A concrete and pragmatic approach with a strong focus on real case studies and well-proven methodologies
- Thought leaders and widely renowned speakers from all over the world including Thomas Vander Wal, Luis Suarez, Laurence Lock Lee, Stewart Mader, Ran Shribman

Enterprise 2.0 comes to Europe! Come on join us!

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