615 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta

Protest rally with speakers, and a short march.

Part of an international day of action marking the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq is being marked by protests around the world again. We are protesting against the continued devastation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and against the U.S. warmongering toward Iran.

Please bring placards, banners, peace flags, drums, whistles, warm clothes and your voices for peace.

All who embrace non-violence and the call for peace are welcome.

Official Website: http://www.peacecalgary.ca/

Added by Grant Neufeld on February 8, 2007



The Raging Grannies will join this rally. They are my "guests", from Granny Sharon Montgomery.


I am interested in bringing the Calgary Action Committee to join the protest.

Grant Neufeld

Anyone who supports peace and opposes militarism will be welcome.

Grant Neufeld

Those promoting war and other forms of violence will not be welcome but, as you point out, they still have the legal and democratic right to enter that public space.

Just don’t expect to be welcomed there by those supporting this peace event.


It is quite sick to think that the pro-war, pro-cruelty, anti-environment morons could support the deaths of so many children in Iraq and Afghanistan with such arrogance. In fact, disrupting a protest gathering is a way of denying freedom of speech to those in attendance. What hypocrites these war mongers are! If they want to exercise their own freedom of speech, then fine -they can have their own rally. Problem is, they know there isn't enough of them to have such an event. They do not represent the other 98% of the population. Some of us are working with the police to find out what charges can be leveled against these yahoos if they disrupt another protest. If there is a megaphone involved, then we have grounds to have them removed.


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Calgary Protest Warriors will be at the event and, yes, I will be bringing the megaphone. Freedom of expression is a charter right that I plan to take advantage of this weekend.

No one from our group will be doing anything to stop you folks from speaking. You may just have to turn the volume up a little so you can be heard.

Oh, I almost forgot. We'll be protesting Al Gore when he comes to town next month. You're more than welcome to come down and counter-protest if you'd like.



Visit www.myspace.com/calgaryaction for more pictures from this event.