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Each year, windstorms damage forests around the world. Wind damage disrupts management planning; impacts riparian, wildlife, and visual quality reserves; and causes substantial losses in timber value. On the other hand, windstorms are natural disturbance events and are important drivers of stand structure and landscape pattern in unmanaged forests. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for aerodynamicists, physicists, foresters, engineers, arborists, physiologists, and ecologists to present their work and discuss new developments, approaches, and methodologies in the fields of wind and tree interaction, damage prediction, and damage mitigation. The final day of the conference will focus on the current status and future development of windthrow risk prediction tools.

Official Website: https://www.feric.ca/index.cfm?objectid=BD377EAE-C09F-3A58-EAB81B7379E1467D

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