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To date, academic studies focusing on game localization and accessibility of games and virtual worlds are few and far between, despite the fact that further research in localization and accessibility is beneficial to all. The industry can benefit by reaching the broadest possible audience, while the audience can benefit from having improved access to games and virtual worlds. “Access” is used in this context in a broad sense, to refer not only to users with functional diversity, but also to those who due to age or skill are not able to play a game successfully, those who do not speak the original language of the metaverse or game, and those who due to socioeconomic reasons do not have access to new technologies.

A more systematic and interdisciplinary approach bringing together academics from different disciplines with various research backgrounds and methodologies, such as translation studies, media studies, psychology, usability, engineering and computing, is required to promote further advances in these areas of study. The I International Conference on Translation and Accessibility in Video Games and Virtual Worlds aims to be an interdisciplinary meeting point for all those interested in the fields of game localisation and accessibility, as well as accessibility and the role of translation in virtual worlds. This pioneering conference aims at laying the foundations for future studies in these areas, become a discussion forum where industry and academia meet and promote interdisciplinary research.

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