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We are delighted to provide a wide range of conference sessions that appeal to new and experienced facilitators, project managers and team leaders from across North American and around the world.

The program that we have outlined is designed to provide a firm grounding in the fundamentals of facilitation as well as stretch our skills and imagination with advanced tools and techniques across different sectors of business, education, government and community. See our Program Focus Areas below.

We are reviewing session proposals that fulfill this promise with high quality content and a particular emphasis on a highly interactive learning process.

Program Focus Areas

Our conference program is organized into six focus areas designed to appeal to different conference attendees and to guide session leaders and participants on their way through the conference content.

Within each focus area the program planning team has identified several topics for which we are seeking proposals; other topics will also be considered. Please refer to the program focus areas and suggested topics when you submit your proposals.

Please click on the links below to find more information about suggested proposal topics in each of these focus areas:

Advanced Facilitation Techniques
Large Group Facilitation
Facilitation for Social Change
Technologies for Enhanced Facilitation
The Business of Facilitation
Fundamentals of Facilitation
International Association of Facilitators

Our members work in government, nonprofit, educational, community, and corporate environments. They serve as consultants, teachers, in-house facilitators, negotiators, organizational specialists, coaches, and more.

Members have at least one thing in common. They value and use methods of facilitation in their work. Another commonality is the willingness to share ideas, methods and advice.

Official Website: http://www.iafna.org/

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