16 Narrow Quay
Bristol, England BS1 4QA

It's going to be a bit of a musical weekend in Bristol.The Future Of Sound lot will be at the Arnolfini the day before and they always put on a splendid show. So it'd be worth being there for the whole weekend.

We're thinking of doing workshoppy/making stuff in the morning, talks/demos in the afternoon and drinks and chat in the evening (possibly with some performances of something.)

THE BASIC POINT is for people to show and talk about Interesting Sound-producing things they've made. Not just to perform with their 'thing' but to talk about what they've made, why they did it, what's interesting about it. It could be acoustic, electronic, anything. The principles of Interesting will apply - short talks, no frills, lots of clapping. As we're keeping people to 10 minutes then we're not going to insist on live demos (that will involve too much setting/tuning up). You can demo your thing live if you like, but you'll only get 10 minutes or so on stage and not much more for setting up, so if you want to make a video or audio or whatever that'll be great. Does that make sense?

We're hoping to get the informality and niceness of Interesting and cross it with proper musical geekiness and invention. Hopefully it'll be interesting for anyone who's into music or sound or that sort of stuff. I think it'll be good.

Official Website: http://russelldavies.typepad.com/planning/2009/02/interesting-sounds-again.html

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