Regent's Park
London, England NW1

Russell said "There'll be no Interesting Picnic. Unless it organises itself."

Which reminds me of the immortal exchange:

Pooh: "We've organised a party."
Piglet: "You've done _what_ to it?

So, we declare a _dis_organised picnic.

Interesting things would be good: strange food, booze, games. But don't, you know, feel you have to. I'm not in charge.

Bring what you like; bring yourselves. See you in Regent's Park on June 20th.

I like this bit of the park so will head for there, but hey - it's a movable feast ;)

Official Website:,-0.146749&spn=0.016447,0.031199&z=15&mid=1244120768

Added by STML on June 4, 2009



It's Taste of London that weekend too (in Regent's Park as well), but I think that's in that lower triangle of Regent's Park.


Even better. We can raid them.


INtrstingGuild vs epicurean PvP deathmatch.


Hopefully we'll come, depending on how hot it is (tubes / children / hot saturday travelling = Oh Dear).

If we do, will bring frisbees.


I can't come as I'm going to Ascot - but I'll try to bring some spirit of Interesting with me.x


It's also the same weekend as Paradise Gardens:
But Regents Park is walking distance from my house and Victoria Park isn't. (I like teeny avenue of cherry trees by the fountain near the Rose Garden, myself)


Thanks Anna - that's my Sunday sorted as well then ;)


Taste of London is here: close but not on top.

Sunday is also (and of course fathers day)

What an action packed summer solstice weekend.


It's the solstice? I hadn't even realised. We're going to need to burn things.