Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, England

Interactive TV – What do users want, how can these desires be turned into reality and how can the broader digital design community contribute more easily to iTV service creation?

This day long activity has three main components. Firstly there will be a presentation and discussion of the results of a study that went into peoples’ homes to discover their hopes, aspirations and frustrations with iTV and its associated technology. This will be followed by an analysis of the study with particular emphasis of its implications in terms of service design, business models and regulation, user interface design and the relationship between these results and those of other studies. Secondly there will be a demonstration of prototype iTV user interfaces and services that have been designed in response to the initial study, followed by the results of the user testing of these prototypes. Finally there will be a session introducing new technology that helps professionals in the digital media industries to grow into developing iTV services in an accessible and designer-friendly way.

Official Website: http://www.nmk.co.uk/event/2006/11/22/interactive-tv-made-easy

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