1590 Bryant Street
San Francisco, California

Whatever your summer sport, you will need two things:
1) Aspirin
2) Beer

Aspirin we won't provide but beer, wine, food and 15% discount at Sports Basement we will!

e-Storm and co-sponsor, Efficient Frontier, are pulling together a "welcoming the summer & meet interesting people and shop" event.

It will not only allow for loads of schmoozing, boozing (free if we may add) and kanoodling, but will also help a worthy cause.

Sports Basement is offering all party attendees a 15% off of all purchases PLUS 5% of all proceeds will go to Girls on the Run, a organization that we support.

WOW, this is great! What more could you ask for?, you say?
Well, there will be give prizes every hour on the hour. You could win one of many $100 gift coupons. Is this cool or what?

So, put aside your errands, neglected laundry or get a baby sitter ......and head on over for drinks, food and a worthy cause.

Official Website: http://www.e-storm.com/blog

Added by willsf on June 6, 2008



Hi William. My associate and I would love to participate in this great event.

Diane - JDV


Great, look forward to seeing you there!


PLEASE NOTE - WRONG ADDRESS BEFORE. 1590 Bryant is the right address!