8 Fitzroy Street
London, England W1T 4BQ

So you’ve taken down the Christmas lights, and aren’t sure what to do with them till next year. Come along to an Interactive Lighting workshop, organised by Tinker.it!

Lead by CTO Massimo Banz and Nick Weldin and supported by Arup this workshop will be focused on looking at ways to control light in different creative contexts, and getting participants to get a practical introduction to how to do that using an Arduino with a DMX shield.

Participants will get the chance to write code for and try it out on the Forcefield installation in the ARUP gallery. http://blogs.driversofchange.com/emtech/2009/01/forcefield_interactive.html

Official Website: http://tinkerit.eventwax.com/interactive-lighting-workshop

Added by djdunc on January 10, 2009