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Computer chips are everywhere-powering the Internet, controlling cars, automating factories, enhancing cell phones, and enriching home entertainment.

A new program at the Intel Museum helps children learn about computer chip science while completing fun, hands-on activities during a free summer drop-in program. Participants will decode a secret message, explore the inside of a laptop, make a musical greeting card, and more.

Each week of a four-week session offers a different theme:

* Code and Conductivity--Learn how computers "talk" in code, and test the conductivity of different materials to learn about semiconductors.
* Sensational Circuits--Build working circuits and discover that a computer chip the size of a fingernail contains millions of circuits.
* Keeping It Clean--Find out why tiny dust particles are not welcome in a fabrication facility, and conduct an experiment to count particles in the air.
* Fabulous Fabs--Explore the magic of UV light.

Each program lasts about 45 minutes. Participants can drop in at the museum on Tuesday or Thursday between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on any of the program dates.

July 11-Aug. 3
Code and Conductivity: July 11 or 13
Sensational Circuits: July 18 or 20
Keeping It Clean: July 25 or 27
Fabulous Fabs: Aug. 1 or Aug. 3

Each program includes guided and self-paced activities. All participants must be accompanied by an adult who remains in the museum during the program.

Attend one program each week in July or August and receive a prize!
For more information, call 408.765.0503, or visit www.intel.com/museum.


Official Website: http://www.intel.com/museum%20

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