2069 NE Hoyt
Portland, Oregon

Mercy Corps Northwest marketing seminar by Semiosis Communications.

Sustainability extends beyond environmental initiatives. What good is
a zero-footprint organization that is bankrupt? What benefits come
from an organization that builds community or makes millions but
destroys the environment at the same time? And who would like to live on a beautiful planet filled with people in a perpetual state of war?

Sustainability strives for the financial, social, and environmental
performance of the triple-bottom line. Prosperity, People, and Planet
means doing well by doing good marketing. At this Mercy Corps
Northwest marketing seminar, we'll examine the holistic meaning of
sustainability and the process of integrating it into your
organization's marketing.

Presenter: Peter Korchnak, principal at Semiosis Communications, a Portland, Oregon holistic and sustainable marketing company empowering socially responsible organizations to differentiate themselves and cultivate community support.

More at http://www.SemiosisCommunications.com.

Official Website: http://www.mercycorpsnw.org

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