200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F
Shanghai, Shanghai

Sweden Hard Core: Insurgent Kid China Tour - Shanghai

Time: Mar 15, 8pm
Venue: Yuyintang House of Music (200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F)
Ticket: 30(including one drink) Yuyintang member: 25
* Insurgent Kid
* Another Kind of Light

Insurgent Kid is a DIY hardcore/punk band from Ume?, a small EU city with really good music scene, with many bands playing all kinds of styles. The hardcore scene was really big in this city and there were at least 500 people at every show, not bad considering the fact that Ume?only has a population of 100.000 people.

They play fast and loud!!They played a lot of shows in Sweden and recorded their first CD.Insurgent Kid is Erik on vocals, Beggo on bass, Fredrik on guitar and Jonas play drums.

The drumer used to play guitar with DS-13. Lars, who was singer/guitarist of SEPARATION, got too busy playing guitar with The International Noise Conspiracy so joined DS-13 and learned to play guitar as they rehearsed. That was around 1997.

They still write about society and the problems they are facing everyday in their life. Lot of the lyric are taken from personal experiences they have had facing problems with bureaucracy, unemployment, boredom and the feeling that they don??t belong in this society. There are a lot of things that needs to change in this world and a lot of thing that make them angry, like racism, pollution, oppression, war, and narrow-minded people and so on. They think that they are all a part of this world and everyone should try to make it a better place to live in. This is not our world; we have just borrowed it from our children.


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