425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Every month Web innovators and social change activists get together on Net Tuesday to network, socialize and share ideas about how to bring the social Web to nonprofits and NGOs all over the world. Net Tuesday is organized by NetSquared, http://www.netsquared.org, a project of Tech Soup.

This month’s Net Tuesday will feature Larry Halff, founder of the social bookmarking online community, Ma.gnolia, http://ma.gnolia.com, and Nica Lorber, lead organizer of RootsCampSF, http://rootscamp.org/RootsCampSF, one of many post-election organizing debriefs, or RootsCamps, being held around the country.

Larry Halff is the founder of Ma.gnolia. You can check out his bookmarks at http://ma.gnolia.com/people/lhalff

Nica Lorber is the Creative Director for Skyline Public Works, http://www.skylinepublicworks.com. She works with several progressive political nonprofits that Skyline has funded. Nica has worked previously as a designer, animator, illustrator, and project manager. When not in front of the computer, she can be found mountain biking in the Sierras or eating spicy food.

Official Website: http://netsquared.meetup.com/1/

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Hey Gina & gang!

Yay! We are so excited that you will be having it at Citizen Space...which, btw...can you slightly change the listing to put this under Citizen Space? We want to keep track of our events under that name. :)


I'm new, trying to figure out how to "watch"