1 Curzon Street
London, England W1J 5UB

THIS EVENT IS ALMOST SOLD OUT!!!! THE LAST 3 TICKETS CAN BE BOOKED HERE: http://www.freshideasevents.com/internetevent_301008_booking.asp

Thenextwomen.com and Freshideasevents organize an event in the Inspiring Women Series called Female Internet Heroes.

Speakers: Katarina Skoberne (Openad.net), Lulu Phogonamy (IVIllage), Lisa Sounio (Dopplr), Jenny Fielding (Astia UK) Julia MacMillan (Toyboywarehouse), Andrea Cockerton-Blakesly (mudhut) Alicia Navarro (Skimbit) and other female online entrepreneurs, venture capital experts and corporate executives in the online industry.

More information:

The Event will include talks about setting up an online business, discussing business models, raising finance, pitching your business, and developing the UK and European market. Tags: women, female, technology, web, internet, business.

There will be pitches by startups before a panel.

Any question, contact simone[at]thenextwomen.com

Official Website: http://www.thenextwomen.com/events/

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