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WholeBody Wisdom presents:

Inspiring Masculine Presence, Unleashing Feminine Fire Mini-Workshop

Sat, Feb 26, 2:30pm-6:00pm, San Francisco

MORE INFO: http://wholebodywisdom.com/workshops/Masculine_Feminine/mini/fc.htm

We live in a world that sends us very confusing messages about masculinity and femininity. In the quest for equality (and in reaction to the harmful and limiting sexism of the 50's), many men & women have felt that the only route is to pretend that they are not only equal, but also the same. This can be a huge loss for both genders and can limit passion and connection in romantic love.

All men & women naturally possess both Masculine & Feminine qualities -- different people have different mixes of each. This workshop helps us find what our intrinsic individual mix is -- and experience the strength and freedom inherent in acting from that authentic place.

Many people erroneously equate masculinity with power that harms, while equating femininity with weakness and accommodation. The result is twofold:
* People may refrain from fully animating their masculinity, because they believe it will necessarily harm or violate others -- when, in reality, any power can be used either to harm or to help.
* People with a natural abundance of feminine energy may adopt a false masculine shell, believing that it's the only way to be powerful -- not realizing that often a more effortless & effective power can flow from their feminine essence.

People are most powerful, effective and free when they can animate both their masculine and feminine aspects from a place of love/openness as opposed to fear/defensiveness.

The goals of the workshop include:
* Challenging & inspiring the masculine to be consciously present, loving & deeply trustable.
* Creating a safe, supportive and inviting space for the feminine to open in full radiance.
* Guiding men and women toward connecting with their authentic selves in ways that feed and free them.
* Supporting participants in having relationships in which each person feels deeply powerful and served by the other.
* Witnessing how a polarity of Masculine & Feminine energy can enhance the chemistry & eroticism of a relationship.

Saturday, February 26

One Taste: An Urban Retreat Center
1074 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Advance Registration Price: $29 or At Door Price: $35. Send PayPal payment to: [email protected]

Website: http://wholebodywisdom.com/workshops/Masculine_Feminine/mini/fc.htm
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-341-4411

About WholeBody Wisdom:
WholeBody Wisdom is based on the belief that we are the most powerful and free when we have integrated all parts of ourselves into one healthy system.

WholeBody Wisdom offers workshops & private sessions which help men, women and couples embody powerful ways of being that can transform their life, their relationships, and the world around them.

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