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Having interviewed some of this generation’s great war reporters, photographers and cameramen, neuro-psychiatrist Anthony Feinstein, will talk to Allan Little about the emotional impact war has on the people reporting it and the lack of support from news agencies.

In a world where abductions, mock executions and the murder of journalists has became commonplace, Feinstein talks about how reporters deal with the daily threats some of them encounter and the short and long-term psychological consequences.

Anthony Feinstein is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and a Guggenheim Fellow. He is the author of Journalists Under Fire: The Psychological Hazards of Covering War.

Allan Little is the BBC's Paris Correspondent. He has also served as the BBC’s Moscow, South Africa and Africa correspondent. He reported on the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda and the economic upheaval of the Yeltsin regime. In 1991 he reported for BBC Radio from Baghdad during the first Gulf War.

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