Merida, Extremadura

Information Science is the interface of a great number of scientific disciplines which study the aspects of information usage and management. Within this area a number of approaches to a very similar object of study converge: technological, mathematical, linguistics, cognitives aspects, as well as those concerning to Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, organizational issues and so on. All these conform the wide domain of knowledges which must interact to find solutions to the problem we face when developing information systems.

The I International Conference on Multidisciplinary Information Sciences and Technologies, InScit2006, will be held in October, 25-28th, 2006 in Mérida's Conference Hall (World Heritage City) and will be organized by GREVI Research Group and the Computer Science Department of the University of Extremadura, Spain jointly with the SCImago Research Group of the universities of Granada, Carlos III of Madrid and Alcala de Henares of Madrid and the Open Institute of Knowledge. InSciT2006 is endorsed by two international societies, the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), and the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI).

InSciT2006 aims at creating an international forum in Spain for the discussion and interchange among scientists and practitioners of all areas related to Information Sciences and Technologies. Multidisciplinary Research Groups including members from areas such as Computer Science, Information and Library Science, Psicology, Mathematics, Statistics, Sociology, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management and general specialist and practitioners of information are welcomed.

InSciT2006 also seeks to promote interaction among researchers and research groups in order to create international and interdisciplinary thematic and research networks. On the one hand, InSciT2006 is highly interested in the presentation of results of international and/or interdisciplinary collaboration projects which have already been carried out. And on the other hand it is also interested in the search of fundings to the creation of new research groups and collaboration projects within Operative Programs and Initiatives of the European Research Area (ERA) of the VI Framework Programme.

Official Website: http://www.instac.es/inscit2006

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