148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

You are invited to participate in a symposium on Innovation by leading guru, Herman Gyr. Herman Gyr and his colleague, Laszlo Gyorffy, have worked for the last 20 years in Silicon Valley, mostly with Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Having helped to develop the computer mouse, HDTV, robotic surgery and being attributed to the recent success of BBC Radio 1, they have developed an outstanding reputation as leaders in the field of innovation and innovation process.

You will probably be familiar with the oft-quoted comment by Gary Hamel of Harvard University: “Every CEO will at least give lip service to the idea that the world is moving faster and that we need to do a better job at innovation. But if you go into an organisation and ask people to describe their innovation system, you get blank looks. They have none.”

The pioneering work that Herman and Laszlo have done is to address this deficit. Combining theory and practical workshop sessions, the day promises to deliver highly original thinking and guidance in the field of innovation and will act as a catalyst for a major European innovation initiative aimed at driving success and helping to lift us out of the current economic climate.

Official Website: http://www.ntileeds.co.uk/events/symposium-innovation-in-a-recession-2

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