121 SW Salmon St
Portland, Oregon 97204

* “The Kitchen” - Female Inventors
* “The Garage” - Male Inventors
* “Playroom” - Kids & Teen Inventors (under 18)
* “The Greenhouse” – Green Inventions (environmental & preservation of resources)
Beneficial Opportunities:
* Showcase your invention
* Informational Sessions for both the beginning & advancing inventor
* Talk to & Meet people from Production, Funding, Manufacturing & Venture Capitalists
* Each category will have prizes, as well as an overall grand prize! Inventions voted on by the public

Official Website: http://www.mipooregon.org/innovation.php

Added by kfickenscher on January 9, 2009



You have got to be kidding me. What's with those categories?


Don't forget "The Doghouse", where you guys are going to be.


MIPO people: The way you describe the event on your website seems a lot more inclusive. Go back to that.


Dang, this looks fun, but I'm barefoot and pregnant and not allowed to leave the kitchen.





Other suggested insulting categories:
"The Dining Room" - Obese Inventors
"The Bathroom" - Constipated Inventors
"Outdoors" - Absent-minded Inventors Who Lose Their Keys

Other suggestions are welcome!


"The Bedroom"? Not as racy as you might think, given that the bedroom of this era consists of two separate single beds. And it's in black and white.


I want to know what @laffinat and @hyperslo plan to present at this event. ;)