2000 University Avenue
East Palo Alto, California 94303

Clint Chao, General Partner at Formative Ventures and Faysal Sohail, General Partner at CMEA Ventures will host an informative session addressing the following topics: Due diligence process, how valuations are calculated, term sheet details and negotiation, sectors of interest to the VC community and how to pitch to a VC. The meeting will be moderated by Shai Goldman, SVB Capital-Venture Exchange Services.

Attendees will also observe select entrepreneurs as they pitch their businesses to the VC's. Two entrepreneurs, as well as the attendees, will benefit from real-time feedback during this interactive session. The VC's will then respond to questions from the audience followed by networking time.

Want to pitch to the VCs and the audience? If you would like to present or have any questions, please email Shai Goldman at [email protected] by January 10th.

$20 for SDForum members; $30 for non-members.

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/SDForum/Templates/CalendarEvent.aspx?CID=2069

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