Sydney, New South Wales

In this one-day workshop, Patrick Kennedy will present the fundamentals of information architecture (IA), the core methodology for organising and designing websites and intranets.

IA provides a rich toolbox of techniques and frameworks to ensure that websites and intranets are structured in a way that makes sense to users.

Key skills such as card sorting will be taught, and this workshop is designed to build in-house information architecture skills. A must for all web or intranet teams.

At the end of the day you will be ready to tackle the information architecture, navigation and page layouts for a small to medium site or part of a larger site.

During the workshop, you will learn:

+ the importance of balancing the requirements of users and business
+ techniques to gather information about the needs of your audience
+ the meaning behind commonly used IA jargon
+ ways that information can be organised
+ how to create a taxonomy for your site
+ the importance of good labelling to help people find what they need
+ how to design navigation methods and page layouts
+ processes to follow for IA projects

*Who is this workshop for?*

When redesigning (or designing) a website or intranet, it is critical that users be able to easily find what they want on the new site. This does not happen by chance. Best practice information architecture techniques should be followed to ensure that the desired project outcomes are actually achieved.

IA should therefore be core knowledge for all web and intranet teams. This workshop provides the foundation for building these skills in-house within organisations. It also provides the knowledge required to better manage consultants or contractors who have been engaged to conduct this work on the site.

Please note, this is a introductory workshop designed to build core skills, and is not suitable for intermediate or experienced practitioners.

*About the presenter*

Patrick Kennedy is a senior consultant in Step Two Designs, and has over ten years of experience in the digital media and web industry. He has in-depth expertise in best practice web design and development, usability, information architecture, user research and strategy.

Patrick has provided user-experience consultancy for many public and private sector organisations both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Patrick will draw examples from real-world projects to give insight into addressing common challenges and issues. This practical approach will ensure that all participants gain information that can be used back in the workplace.

Patrick holds a nationally recognised training qualification (Certificate IV in Assessment and Training), and is steadily bringing this workshop to all corners of Australia.

Official Website: http://www.steptwo.com.au/seminars/080409/

Added by Patrick Kennedy on January 29, 2008