Goa University, Taleigao Plateau,
Taleigao, Goa

Infofest, an All-India IT meet for the colleges offering Comp. Sci. and Comp. Engg. courses is a platform for students across India to compete and showcase their expertise and talents since 1996.

Infofest is an assortment of a variety of competitions testing different aspects of a student's IT knowledge but above all showcases team spirit.

The date is not finalised, but it will be in december 2007. i chose a random date. will update this event with a notification when the date changes to the finalised date.

do select if you are attending or not attending.

oh...entry is free for all, esp.if IT doesn't bore you...but even then you could give it a try. We aren't really programmed-to-code bots ;)

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i am a Researcher in IIT Bombay. I work in combination of Control theory,Databases and machine Learning applied to Autonomic Parallel Database System
could u pls tell me the program???

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visit http://www.infofest.co.in/ for further details