YuYao Lu 28# B 4 Floor 余姚路28号B座四楼,同乐坊内10号
Shangahi, Shanghai

Friday, Dec.5,[email protected] Dream Factory
No.28 Yuyao Road(near Xikang Road), Jing’an District,Shanghai
Ticket:50RMB(40RMB for reservation)
Reservation:021-6227 7332
Live set:
Little Nature
Wang Xiaokun + Qing MA Dao
About the Album:
INDIE TOP is an indie music sublabel in Shanghai.
A significant change in underground music is occurring, with the 13 bands/musicians on board.
By 2008, INDIE TOP is on the rise.
IT is more than an album.
INDIE TOP creat a refreshing stage for the young generation.

001 蘑菇团 Crazy Mushroom Brigade -等待
  002 小自然 Little Nature - Different world
  003 钟茌 Zhong Chi -Chain of Desire
  004 杜佳宣-我
  005 MONOKINO(德国)- New kid
  006 MOMO-小妖怪
  007 王啸坤-菩提树下
  008 苏丹-我们的爱情
  009 LOTZ-老老欢喜侬
  010 IGO-Super Virus
  011 冷冻街 Frozen Streets -窃听机
  012 十四行诗 The Sonnet -stupid baby
  013 33岛 33 Island -King

A preview of all tracks is at www.indietop.cn.

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