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Formed in January 2003 Astro’n’out is now one of the up–to-date indie-rock bands in Latvia well known as socially active musicians, not only for participating in many social events, but also for their music written for several documentaries and feature films, touching such topics as human trafficking, handicapped people and national patriotism. The band first appears with the radio single “Part of Riga” (Dala Rigas) – positive and catchy song about one of the most criminal parts of Riga city where the young songwriter and soloist of the band Mara comes from. The song becomes well recognized and popular due to its non-standard subject and untypical vocal. It reaches 2nd position in Latvian airplay chart and becomes No.1 in two major radio stations. Afterwards the band is forecasted to be the one hit wonders, but in a while manages to prove themselves with several more successful radio singles and in the year 2006 their debut album “Kuš Kuš” receives the award of “Best Rock Album” in annual Latvian Music Awards. 2006 comes with entry in MTV Baltic Top with a song “Ne gravitatei” (No to gravity) and Astro’n’out becomes regularly shown on MTV Baltic as well as all other TV stations in Latvia. Astro’n’out also gets nominated for “MTV Europe Awards” in catergory of “New Sounds of Europe” 2007. At the very moment the band is having regular performances at clubs and festivals and working in the studio with their second album planned to be released on autumn 2008.

Official Website: http://www.yuyintang.org

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