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Bollywood vocal singing stars Asha Bhosle & Sonu Nigam in Concert with Kailash Kher & Kunal Ganjawala

Official Website: http://www.superentertainmentinc.com/concert.htm

Added by Melody Fair on May 25, 2007


Music Lover

I was so disappointed with this concert
1. music was so loud that it felt like singers and musicians were screaming and not singing /playing
2. asha didnt sing well, i guess age showed
3. kunal and kher, though were good were too much to take for 1/2 hr.. i mean u can listen 1 or 2 songs but not more.. somehow new songs dost reach heart
4. sonu as usual good, but unfortunately i also saw his solo show last yr, he sang same songs, he gave same speech, he cracked same jokes what he cracked in that show. there was nothing new.. i think he is trying to be more glamourous than a singer

so a total disappointment


I agree with Music Lover - the sound was over the top- at times I had to shut my ears or walk out of the arena to give them a rest. I tried to get in touch with the sound guy, Promod. I managed to pass the message, but it looked like no one else had raised the issue and so they did not take any action.

However, I disagree with Musica Lover in that the concert was quite good. Both Kailash Kher and Kunal Ganjawala were great. They each pelted about 7 songs and I think they were all great vocally. Asha ji was not quite herself but I also think that was more due to lack of practise with the band. The monitors on the stage were too loud and it seems Asha ji only heard herself signing and never got to hear the band.

Sonu was great vocally. He was absolutely flawless but I agree that he was also boring with his jokes and his subtle digs on Himesh. There was a slight ego that he tried to pass off as being glamour.

Over all it was a great night of music. Worth the 39 and 59 bucks but not the 79$ priceline. Choice of food also was not so great with all the Veggie Briyanis over in just about 2 hrs. :-(