Grljevačka 2a
Podstrana, Split, Splitsko-Dalmatinska 21312

The conference will feature world-renowned experts from the U.S. and Croatia
who will focus on determining opportunities and strategies that will lead to
increased collaboration in several key areas that might directly influence
scientific exchange, investment and trade between the two countries in high
technology sectors. The Croatian model is likely to be used in other
countries as well. The conference will be focused on three major work areas:

Work area 1: To identify steps that will increase scientific exchange
between two countries

a) Develop programs to exchange staff members between U.S. and Croatian
scientific organizations
b) Examine proven approaches for increased university-to-university
c) Examine successful relationships that Croatia has with other countries
(traditional partners, post-doctoral work); and share stories of successful
d) Place emphasis on building relationships at the level of the research
workbench between the U.S. and Croatia
e) Other issues

Work area 2: To establish mechanisms that will increase investment and trade
between U.S. and Croatia in high technology sectors.

a) Identify mechanisms to increase the number of U.S. companies operating a
high technology projects (R&D or production) in Croatia
b) Place emphasis on opportunities for strengthening SMEs in Croatia
c) Croatia as a bridge for U.S. business partnership opportunities elsewhere
d) Croatian R&D capabilities for joint venture growth
e) Increasing presence of U.S. investors in high technology in Croatia (VCs,
hedge funds, angel investors, etc…)
e) Other issues

Work area 3: To examine U.S. technology transfer experience, goals and
standards and to evaluate possibilities for establishment of successful
transfer in Croatian research institutions.

a) Develop steps to improve key areas, such as intellectual property
management and technology development
b) Prepare guidelines for Croatian companies that will better prepare them
to participate in ventures involving technology transfer with the U.S.
c) Other issues

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