8787 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

This is a fan-run, not-for-profit general science fiction and fantasy convention with a strong focus on our literary roots. As for whether it's like other cons you've been to, probably in some ways and not in others, depending on what type of convention you've been to. There are many other fan-run conventions with which we would share a great deal. However, a lot of cons nowadays-- especially those that are for-profit and run by big organizations-- focus almost exclusively on media guests and have only a couple of things happening at any one time, mostly panels with the big-name guests and autograph/photo sessions. InConJunction, on the other hand, tries to have something for everyone-- with panels on writing, movies and television, comic books, art work, science, technology, culture, fandom, and many other things. At most times, there will be two to four panels going at the same time, giving you plenty of choices. If there's not a panel you're interested in, we also have a movie room, anime room, gaming room, art show, dealers room, and various special interest group rooms and tables. If none of that appeals, the con suite makes a great place to hang out, meet people, and have interesting conversations. In the evenings, there's the dance and many attendees throw their own room parties. So, it's much more than a few panels with the media guests, autograph sessions, and a dealer's room. We like to think it's more fun, but some people prefer a convention with a tighter emphasis or fewer choices.

Official Website: http://www.inconjunction.org/

Added by SARudy on February 12, 2007