820 Hwy. 65 South
Mora, Minnesota 55051

The best danceable Modern & Classic rock, country, and more. The band regularly receives praise for its talent as well as excellent song selection.

As a cover band, In the Fields plays songs which are proven hits on the dance floor, drawing from the best of modern and classic rock, as well as some country and "oldies," - the set list will change depending upon what type of music the evening's crowd enjoys. The band regularly receives ample praise for its talent as well as excellent song selection. From pop songs by Maroon 5 and Outkast, to the great hard rock hits by Jet, Buckcherry, and Guns n’ Roses, to country staples by Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash, to the classic rock of the Steve Miller Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the most convincing covers of Led Zeppelin this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and much more, In the Fields has the variety to satisfy any musical appetite. A relatively new band, the demand for In the Fields has been extraordinary-within the first five months of the group's existence, the boys find themselves playing as many as 15 shows per month in the Metro area and greater Minnesota.
In the Fields performs as a cover band, all-original act, or both. Originals' shows are designated as "showcase" or "all-original" on the Upcoming Shows list at myspace.com/inthefieldsmusic.
As an originals-only band, In the Fields draws its influence from many different bands, some of the more prominent ones being Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, and the Toadies. A mix of hard and lighter rock with catchy melodies and excellent high-range vocals (often compared to Robert Plant and Chris Cornell), the band's original sound is as heavy as iron and light as a butterfly. Some of In the Fields originals can be heard at myspace.com/inthefieldsmusic.

Official Website: sonicbids.com/inthefields

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