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Some organizations have done successful agile pilots and rolled it out to the rest of the organization and failed. If it works for one team, it should work for all, shouldn’t it? There are also early adopters that have had many successful projects using agile, but are becoming complacent or have lost the thrill of being on the leading edge of change.

One of the problems organizations face is changing their culture to embrace agile projects. Management may buy into the idea of delivering business value faster but don’t realize their roles change too and need to change their views and actions as well. They may not realize some the up-front investment in time or training will pay off over time in higher quality and speedier development.

Janet Gregory, co-author of the Practical Agile Testing course, will explore common mistakes that organizations make, and introduce practices that can be used to help overcome them to create and nurture an agile culture. Agile development is all about baby steps, celebrating small successes, and continually improving. The right investment will yield a big return.

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