546 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110

According to belbot, this Mexican restaurant serves migas for breakfast/brunch. Those of us in search of migas in San Francisco (previously I had not heard of any SF place that had them) are going to beta test it for brunch this Saturday morning.

Added by tantek on March 22, 2007



ok, i had to look up migas but i'm totally in


dammit! i'm going to be in Orlando!


@veronica - you know that's where i grew up, right? go enjoy being pixie dusted, but if you need the lowdown on where normal people go, let me know!

Daniel Riveong

I'm always in for good company and food. I have to get going to a baby shower, so I'll have to leave earlier, but I'd love to see all of you guys.


I'd love to join, but I'm scheduled to be in Palo Alto that morning. Meet up later at SHDH, anyone?


I want to go to SHDH so bad, but I don't have a ride! Help anyone?


Here are my beta test results.

Test 1: Do you have migas?
Expected result: Yes.
Actual result: What are migas?
Test result: failed.
Followup: I asked the cook, and he says we have chilaquiles [as indicated on the menu] which are what we call them. [Personal note: Las Manitas has both migas and chilaquiles - what is the difference? Need more detail in specification in order to construct better tests.].

Test 2: [ordered the chilaquiles]
Expected result: tasty eggs + tender fresh tortilla strips.
Actual result:not so good eggs, stale/old tortilla strips.
Test result: passed alpha verification for availability of chilaquiles core functionality, failed beta expectations of decent taste/texture.

Test summary: Puerto Allegre fare is self-toast. Eat at your own risk.

Please add your own beta test results.


I would add that the salsa at Las Manitas is way better and fresher.
There must be some other place...I'm going on a hunt.