45 Mt Auburn St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Feb 9-11
Three days of hard-to-find and recently-released hard-hitting documentaries.

Topics include: the unexplained death of an FBI whistleblower; electronic voting machines; new findings about the Waco raid; the federal response to Hurricane Katrina; eyewitness accounts from 9/11 first responders, testimony from physics professors about the towers' collapse, victims' families' perspectives, and unanswered questions about the WTC collapse.

Don't just trust a government and corporate media that admit themselves they've lied to the people repeatedly. Come see the mind-blowing evidence in these documentaries, and decide for yourself.

Films include: 9/11 Press for Truth; America: From Freedom to Fascism; Improbable Collapse; Waco: The Rules of Engagement; Refuge of Last Resort: The True Hurricane Katrina Story; TerrorStorm, Hacking Democracy, and Who Killed John O'Neill?

We show you what the media doesn't.

FREE and open to the public.
Fri Feb 9, 6-11pm
Sat Feb 10, noon-11pm
Sun Feb 11, noon-8pm

Andrea Runyan
Boston Sons of Liberty
[email protected]

Official Website: http://bostonSonsofLiberty.blogspot.com

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